OSS is proud of our student athletes! Once again we had over 50% of our students involved in school sports! Students grade 8-12 can participate in Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and/or Golf. We have committed coaches who ensure athletes learn the value of playing on a team while staying academically focused. OSS also offers Hockey and Golf Academies for students grades 8-12. 


  • Grade 8 Girls Volleyball - Coach Burns

  • Jr. Girls Volleyball - Coach Ruck and McTaggart

  • Sr. Girls Volleyball - Coach Law and Currell

  • Sr. Boys Soccer - Coach Mocci

  • Jr./Sr. X-Country - Coach Tremblay and Burns


  • Grade 8 Boys Basketball
  • Grade 8 Girls Basketball
  • Jr. Boys Basketball
  • Jr. Girls Basketball
  • Sr. Girls Basketball
  • Sr. Boys Basketball


  • Jr./Sr. Golf
  • Jr./Sr. Tennis
  • Jr./Sr. Badminton
  • Jr./Sr. Track and Field

If you are interested in coaching please fill out coaching application attached below and return to school.  All coaches must have a valid Criminal Record Check this can now be done online follow link below and contact the school for the access password.  If you have any questions please contact Brad Burns at 250-484-4433.